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The tech press must be all hopped up over the first few episodes of The Newsroom. Defenders of truth and protectors of the masses and all that.

Because they’re out opining on this and that with more than the usual amount of condescension and self righteousness this week.

Marissa Mayer is a “tyrant” with a penchant for humiliating colleagues, says Business Insider.

“Spot on” says another journalist who’s totally miffed she didn’t scoop the original story, and taking heat from readers in her own comment section.

And then doing it again when she was unable to scoop the pregnancy story, either (and commenters calling her on it).

There’s two of the towering laws of journalism in all their glory. Balance, meaning let’s find people who’ll say something negative about someone to balance things out (and winners always have haters). And Objectivity, meaning a pissed off journalist can rant…

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