By: Chenyu

Nov 01 2010

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Focal Length:7.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G9

I’m now in Panama Smithosian Research Institute in Panama with EEB: Ecosystem and Global Change. We are learning about how the global change(mainly caused by climate change, CO2 emissions) is manifested in local ecosystems.

If you know me well, you would know that I LOVE Latin America countries. One of the reasons that I chose this course is the trip to Panama.

We landed Saturday evening after a 5 hour flight. It was the night before Halloween. Five of us went out to explore Panama City and were so impressed by the creative costumes out there. There were even party buses with lights and people dressed up in costumes dancing/parting in the bus. This was definitely beyond my imagination. We had nice local Panama food and Sangria. It was a good night.

Sunday morning, we took the 8am boat to BCI to start our RESEARCH. It’s my first time going to tropical rainforest and now am sitting in the cafeteria, facing the Panama Canal and my eyes are all green. Tall trees, tangles lianas, spider monkeys, bugs, insects, holler monkeys etc. The biodiversity here is incredible. We hike everyday for 30 minutes to go to our research site. It is like OA all over again, except that the ticks here don’t carry lyme disease, but 3/4 snakes here are poison. (scary!)The trees extend all the way to the sky and we get almost no sun light because of the canopy.

My group(Eugene, Ori, Stephanie) is looking at the nutrient levels in the rain water, stream and soil water. It has been fun to “pretend” to be hardcore scientists doing hands-on experiments with water collection.

On the side, I have been teaching Ori Chinese on the trail and apparently he is the best Chinese student ever.


and quote of the Day Nov 1st on the trail in the forest:

yesterday we saw termite trail on the tree, we opened the trail. and i was like “why was there no termites inside?”
my prof said “because they don’t attack living trees”.
i was like” but how come they destroy the house furniture?”
my prof: “unless you have living furniture”



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