Crisis converted!

By: Chenyu

Nov 02 2010

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Focal Length:5.35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

3rd day in Panama,

Today, we took a boat to a Phosphorous-poor jungle on the other side of BCI and it was really cool riding the boat on part of Panama Canal. Today, we are installing more rainwater collectors and lysometers to collect soil water. The forest today looks very prosperous, with lots of trees blooming, long lianas, muddy soil and small streams. The soil pit today has some water in it and the bedrock has mostly weathered.

After our group started to set up the rainwater collector, we realized that we forgot to pack the PVC pipes (supposed to be crucial) to bury our lysometers into the soil. We were like”omg, we are f**ed”…but then we calmed down and Ori improvised some cool gadgets with the sticks lying around. It was quite challenging to find a sturdy stick because everything here is so wet and starts to decompose as soon as they hit the ground.

This was definitely a good lesson- we all need to be more careful with packing and not just leave it up to Eugene. Things worked out in the end  though. =)

Then we hiked back to AVA site, it was so HOT and HUMID and MUDDY. It was like OA all over again except muddy and humid. on the way, Sarah pointed out fig tree stranglers, which grew around a standing tree and then the tree in middle got outcompeted and died. so it became a hollow tree with lots of branches coming around. It was super cool.

I love this trip. and today i felt that I am in the middle of a tropical jungle with animals and mud!



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