England bound.

By: Chenyu

Jan 19 2011

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“England” is def on my most frequent words recently…

Last few days have been super hectic- finals, packing etc etc. i would use e-words to describe it – “excited” + “exhausted”…
“Am I really going abroad – to England?” – this is a thought constantly in my mind in midst of pretending to study for finals. Never have I had such a tangible mixed feeling for the upcoming trip until recently. In the last few months, I have been mentally preparing myself for England for the first time. “You are already studying abroad. why leaving princeton? ” I got this question often – and i don’t know – maybe I am super attractive to the British accent and the one-on-one tutorial(although kinda intimidated too)

i have always loved seeing new places, but going to a complete new place in the middle of the course as a student? it sounds like high school all over again – but different this time. I am no longer 17. i still vividly remember when i first got to Hotchkiss, there was a period that i thought i made the wrong decision – when I couldnt understand the English well enough, when everyone around me has already had their groups, when I had to answer “what’s up?” with an awk smile on my face…but i also remembered how incredibly thankful i was that I went to Hotchkiss – I think it has changed my life. : )

England – A country that sounds so familiar yet is in fact so fresh and new? Am I ready? – I think so.

Fortunately, Worcester has a very supportive system and the Dean of Visiting Student is the sweetest person that I can ask for. From the past exchange students I have spoken to, they all seem to have loved the experience – although i got a list of “things that don’t work as well outside Princeton”, but I think a lot of times, disappointment comes from expectations – like my Freshman Fall. If I wish for the worse, then I might be satisfied with not having wifi all over campus. I feel Princeton can spoil us – and make us taking things for granted. I think that may not be how the real world runs.

All the Worcester students and staff that I have been in touch with are so nice and helpful. Oxford runs a college system and each college runs its own, which breaks down the population to smaller concentration. For example, as one of the 30 colleges, Worcester has around 360 people. The small setting may help me get around : )

So here I am- making up a pre-departure post after I arrived Oxford. This is so far an amazing place with amazing people. The architecture breath-taking and I couldnt really tell if i am walking on a land in America until people around me start to speak.

Here is the photo from Amira and mine going-away/bday dinner @ our all time fav indian restaurant- Masala Grill. (some ppl left before taking the photo)
Looking at the photo, I suddenly realize I miss these people so much already.

going away dinner for amira and me



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