My conversation with the Porter

By: Chenyu

Jan 19 2011

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Focal Length:5.35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Two days in UK and I have had some very interesting conversations with different people. I feel compelled to record this one : )

70 year old Porter: ” I can’t understand you sometimes, young lady. so i asked this young porter to help you.”
Me: “so sorry. ”
70 year old Porter: “but we are still friends. Are you American?”
Me: “No. am Chinese, but I go to school in the US ”
70 year old Porter: ” ahhhh you shouldnt have gone to the U.S. we brits are NICE PEOPLE. nice people.”
Me: “yeah definitely…xdsfdfsdooie#$U@I%U@(*@”
70 year old Porter then gave me a kiss on my hand saying: “this is our tradition, not just in Oxford, but all England. we are friends now.”

Today, I was at Oxford’s “Nassau Street” – Cornmarket Street and got a Pay-as-you-go with Vodaphone after comparing all the carriers, had a gym session for rowing, and dined in the hall for the first time- pretty good indian food, but so small serving haha…speaking of which, i just had a 5-day long Indian food(masala) trauma and the first actual meal i had after recovery was Indian food lol…irony?


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