So it starts…(always spiced with an airport story)

By: Chenyu

Jan 19 2011

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After finishing up the take-home, i had about 2 hours before catching the 7pm Dinky – the one that I could not possibly miss if i wanted to make it to my flight.

of course, packing always takes me extra long, as I learned that people like me are “rat packers” – I really need to change or just not buy new things.

Since I am intl student, I always have to pack all my stuff – can’t just bring seasonals back home, which would have been much easier and being here for 5 years, i thought i would have been better at packing – but i guess am too detail oriented? categories-categories-categories

So after storing 10+ boxes/bags/luggage or various sizes, i still ended up with 100 pounds of luggage + 2 bags + 1 backpack + 1 belt bag + two coats on me. I can sense the look on me when I was rolling my two luggage(with a bag on top of each luggage and always falling to the side of luggage if i go fast) while sweating hard – as am wearing so much clothing that can’t fit in my suitcase. So i must have looked like a clown.

A friend helped me return library books and key – otherwise I have have definitely missed the Dinky. Literally, while i was trying to speed up from “turtle speed” to “bunny speed” i see the conductor of Dinky walking into the train – i almost “screamed” “half-cryingly” –“Please don’t leave me!!!” He waved to me, suggesting that calm down.

So i got on the Dinky train, trying to catch up my breath – then I spotted Mike. “Mike, could you help me carry one luggage over the tunnel while transferring at Princeton Junction?” MIke: ” sure! I am a dude.”
Mike was a huge help.

Finally, I arrived EWR at 8:05pm, then of course, there were a billizon of doors to go through, elevator/escalator to get on and off, air train to take – basically it was a huge pain, i feel like the skin on my hands were peeling off my and my heart was racing.

On the airtrain, with my foggy glasses, i can barely see which terminal was “United” – “where are you going? ” “United” “Terminal A”, a gentlemen finally stopped my stare with a shoutout. Maybe my staring made him uncomfortable enough to help me. just kidding. am sure he just wanted to help me i suppose.

Getting off at Terminal A, and ran to United – it was all empty. I almost had a heartattack – hmm did i miss the flight? Then i checked my ticket again – “continental” FML -i thought they are one company and i bought my ticket with United – but apparently they are still operating separately and they locate in two different terminals.

The clock said 850pm! “OMG I am gonna miss the flight. I really CANNOT.” At the same time, I spotted the trolley and loaded all my luggage on it so i can move faster. “wait a min” i see continental sign here too – so relieved. But the reps there said” NO. go to Terminal C for intl flights. ” They still helped me getting my boarding pass though.

15 mins later, i got back to Terminal C(which was much closer to the train station), and the Continental Rep was like ” 60 pounds” overweight, fine $50. 2nd luggage ” another $50″
“Lady, you have to pay $100″….”ahhh am a student and my combined weight is less than my allowance.”
“it doesn’t matter 60+38 <100, you just gotta have each bag under 50 pounds. do you want to go or not? "

So I had to pay the $100 fine – lesson learned. But at least I made it to my flight.

On the plane, I watched Easy A, great movie btw. Finally, 930am London time, I landed at Heathrow Intl Airport – "I AM IN ENGLAND" I felt so excited as we touched ground. "Is this for real? "

Getting to Oxford also was quite a journey – first go to bus stop 7 and take a bus to Terminal 5, which is around 15 min drive. then get on the Airline to Oxford ( 80min) bus ride….the driver saw my luggage – and said" 20kg per person" but he was kind enough to understand my confused face and let me on.
Next time, i gotta bring less junk with me.

As the bus drove in Oxfordshire, I was so amazed by the old buildings, the busy street with loads of shops, the block ground etc. it looked amazing and of course, the red telephone booth and red Oxford sight seeing bus.

I am here finally and my room is pretty nice – with a fridge, two mirrors, carpet, bed made already, shower towels etc. The setting is quite like Scully with hallway and individual rooms. Two kitchen per floor and 19 students per floor, all 3rd year students. I spoke with a couple – and they are all really nice.

brief recap of activities today:
1. Noon arriving Gloucester Green station
2. 12:15 arriving Porter's Lodge and picked up cards/keys etc
3. arrived my room 1pm
4. ran to Lodge around 1:50pm and found out the econ tutor office is far away- spoke with tutor who kindly allowed me to arrive a bit later
5. tried to visit Dr. Dutton but ran into Izzy who is so kind
6. great meeting with econ tutor and got 1st assignment
7. wandering in Oxford
8. tea party with my college moms – amazing cookies and tarts – "sister" showed me the library
9. W4 meeting in College Bar with Domino Pizza( it was really good and less greasy here)
10. got to my room, pass out, woke up writing this post.

Hope this post is not too long and boring!


Jan 18, 2011


One comment on “So it starts…(always spiced with an airport story)”

  1. Hahaha that was a great post – definitely perked up my dry orf 309 studying session in Frist. The detailed description really added a lot and I felt like I was right there running with you. Sounds like the beginning of an amazing adventure. I’m so excited for you. Keep up the blog posts!

    Also, “Then i checked my ticket again – “continental” FML” – best FML ever.

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