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By: Chenyu

Jan 21 2011

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Jan 21st, Friday, 2011 Today

-lunch with Amy and her friend Phoebe ❤
-Oxford walking tour with Chris
-Covet Market Georgina's cafe(super cute and lively) + BEN'S COOKIE(i got oatmeal rasin)
-Grocery Shopping @ Tesco's:
*handsoap is 60p
*detergent is 4pounds
*Quaker's Oat
*instant coffee(3 types) = MY LIFE's ESSENTIALs
*APPLE + BANANA ( two bags of apple = 2.5 pounds, not too bad i think)
*BBQ chicken + bread(only 74p for whole wheat store brand)
-Richard Perry lecture on investment: he mentioned auto financing during financial crisis, he would always find the companies with worst news to buy and best news to sell everyday. (interesting)
regarding China, he said i would care about who your dad is and whether you could get me to buy the SOE at half price or sth. that was so interesting…
and he said instead of doing business/investment in China directly at the risk of the asset being nationalized, it is the same profit to invest in an Australian mine/coal company
-LIBRARY pretending to work

That's a quick laundry list for today. After the exhausting interviews over the phone which I definitely blew as it was in Chinese (omg why did my Chinese got so much worse?!), I went to Greens Cafe to get lunch with Amy and her friend Phoebe. IT's like a girls' brunch. I got the curry chicken sandwich for 4.25 and it tastes pretty good. so great to see Amy again, last time was Texas conference almost a year ago. 🙂

I got to staircase 11 to see college nurse to clear record but she left. the stairs are soo OLD and always remind me of the rich history here. I can't believe the stairs still work after so many years.

Chris(exchange student from Oxford to Princeton) showed me around the Radcliff Camera(old bod), new bod, the huge library, Covet market etc etc. We got coffee/tea at Georgina's – with very special and exquisite decorations. Chris got Jack Flap and I tried some. quite good.

then i got some grocery from Tesco instead of my original plan – visiting Ashmolean or doing work.

OHHHHH I DISCOVERED A CHINESE SUPERMARKET 5 mins away from my college – exciting!!!!

haha, now i shall go to do my work.



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