1st weekend @ Oxford

By: Chenyu

Jan 23 2011

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So i really should be doing my economics pset- but after cost/benefit analysis (yes, economics major right here), i feel it’s more important to record my first weekend at Oxford.
not too eventful but quite interesting.

1. Friday night, the whole library was EMPTY, sooo empty. so my first impression of Oxford library is that people are always studying. but Friday night, there was NO one there. apparently Wed and Fri are going-out days at Oxford. i went to Kukui with Leon and his friends who is celebrating a MBA’s birthday. apparently it was also Oxford Fashion Week Model Cast party. it was quite eye-opening for me – long line outside and all the UK girls are wearing such short skirts/dress and some “gentlemen” are quite different at night with a glaze in their eyes haha. Kukui was blasting all American music – lady gaga, dynamite, etc etc. so i can’t really tell if I am in the US or UK haha

2. Saturday morning, i had lunch with Emma and Chenchen at Worcester and the whole afternoon was preparing for my swim test.
I got to the pool after taking the 4A bus near Said Business School. Leon was playing badminton and agreed to help me practice.
The manager said, “in my past 5 years experience, when someone comes to practice a few hours before the test, they would fail. You can swim or you cannot. there is no other choice. ”
The lifeguard always stares at me when i was in the pool and i got nervous and couldn’t swim well at first. so he was like – you can’t swim! but later after i got less nervous, i swam the whole length and he didn’t say much afterwards
so for the swim test, we swim back and forth two lengths and for the last 5 meters, we submerge totally and then tread water for 2 mins.

the first time, i did not understand “submerge”, then i swam through. but i was told i was wrong – i did again. still wrong.

“Do you understand what submerge totally mean”
i shook my head.
“okay, that means you are underwater the whole 5 m. do not take breath.”
“ohhhhhh i see.”

then i had to do the whole thing again, but 2nd time was much easier. then I passed swim test.

but i decided to sign up to pool membership to practice swim more often. 🙂

3. Saturday night – Amy’s birthday. I went to her kitchen at St. Anthony’s College(a grad-only college), met a great range of intl grad students – mostly German. haha. then we went to her college’s bop.
kinda like high school dance. they played Dynamite for me. YAY!

Sunday – slept till 1pm and then email/call etc

the last 4 days in Oxford have been amazing – i am still learning all the names of the Colleges, training myself to remember to turn on hot water before shower and to not confuse dryer and washer in laundry room
etc etc

tonight, all the JYAs are going to Formal Hall wearing gown for the first time – i will update afterwards, but i guess i should get my pset done first.

Thinh took this photo of me on his fashion blog: (so excited) http://theivydress.com/2011/01/23/pop-the-texture/


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