By: Chenyu

Jan 27 2011

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My birthday seems to always fall into intercession – this year is the first time that I have it during school, but one week after i get to a completely new place

Since I haven’t met half of my hall, i decided to throw a bday party in our kitchen so that hall mates and JYAs and friends can come have a drink and some snack. I was kinda nervous organizing it – so glad that Tesco is close and has everything 🙂 A lot of people showed up and I was really happy because I came to realize that if we open up and not afraid to meet new people, people with all culture are pretty open too.

I didnt do much special for birthday – mostly just take a day off and relax, though having a paper on impressionism due tmr lol

I think facebook has been a major distraction – i feel bad not to respond to ppl’s bday wishes haha : ) so i get excited by these red 1s all day today…

Wed is big for Park End Oxford Student night – it was reallyy fun and close to Worcester college.

Last night was def one of those “eye opening” “first time in life” experience – Pidge organized Burns night at Formal Hall and I had no idea it was a special night. I saw these Scottish ppl dressed in kilts coming in and blowing the horn thing and I was like “wow! this is so cool” – we had Scottish haggis at dinner(pork + some kinda bean paste with oat) , followed by a massive Scottish dance session – three a group and dance in circles in College Bar.

Good nite,



2 comments on “birthday!”

  1. love the post, Chenyu!

  2. Happy birthday and have a great journey in Oxford! Hope it is not too late.

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