Week 7

Week 7 just flew by – can’t believe my first term at Oxford is coming to an end.

I have been ill for the most of the week – Monday i woke up with a headache, but still have not put down any words on my 2000 words essay, which had a tutorial at 5pm that day. Mission impossible at the time – but somehow i was writing, writing, writing consecutively for hours and finally produced an essay. I think Oxford really trains writing ability but at the same time, the expectation of the work is def not as high as in Princeton – therefore, it’s an adjustment to make. My paper turns out to be a defense for Gauguin and how although he has roots in misogynist, raciest and colonist view, his paintings have given the Tatihian women unprecedented amount of respect and empowerment. I went to the tutorial and had to read out my essay to my tutor and my fellow tuoree. It was a fun exercise and also embarrassing because sometimes I found myself stuck in grammar issues in written format that is hard to read out – so i had to correct on spot. The last paper will be on Cezanne and i should aim to hand in on time this time 🙂

So next week, some students have exams – which they don’t “review” for, but “revise” for – i was caught off guard by this American/British English difference the other day and wanted to share.

This past week is Oxford Fashion Week – because I have been ill, i was not able to attend most of the exciting events – but i went to the ethical fashion contest and it was very educational to base fashion on triple bottom line (People, Product and Profit). Fashion industry is a 21B pound industry in UK and thus has a lot of potential and opportunities with it. I hope to meet up with the speaker to hear more about her fashion consulting experience.

Saturday was the Boat Club dinner – so eye-opening!!! Worcester did very well in Torpids and W1, W2 and M-dubtz all got BLADES (meaning that they did not get bumped for the whole week of Torpids). The dinner was crazy – because I am on medication so that i was excused from drinking haha.
People are playing the british version of “never have i ever” within the whole boat club and whoever has done so would drink -among other crazy things. To please the “scary dining hall lady”, the boat club sang “We love you Maryanne” 3-5 times. Maryanne is the scary lady who always has a stern face and is very strict.

Today, I met up with a girl from Singapore at Worcester and we had Thai food – incredibly good Pad Thai. It was great to hear from a girl who comes directly from Singapore. I spent the rest of the afternoon at Combibos and sipping the afternoon Spied Chai Tea. 🙂

Easter Plan so far:
3.12-29 China
3.29-04.2 England
04.03-04.24 Spain
04.24-05.01 USA

Summer:most likely
June to Aug London
end of Aug to early Sept Cambodia trip with Princeton


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