Madrid continues…

By: Chenyu

Apr 13 2011

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“The city is like an immense museum considered as a World Heritage City. Its old gothic and renaissance buildings. Its narrow streets and alleys testify old days of magnificence. The Churse of St. Tomé has El Greco’s master picese, The Medival Sinagogue.

After a week in Spain, I still feel the freshness, excitement and happiness for Madrid – such a vibrant city with “sun that never sets” and people who are laid-back and friendly.

Saturday, Petra, Steven, Té and I went to Toledo – the historical Moorish city situated in 70km South of Madrid (used to be the Capital of Spain before Madrid). The view at the top of Puerta de Sur was so breath-taking – it brings me to the state of wonderland. I started to imagine how people who live here hundreds years ago. For a moment, I felt like Du Lala, holding a cup of Maxwell coffee and day-dreaming(an image in a popular Chinese TV series). However, i was not day-dreaming – I am standing in front of this wonderful museum-like city, whose charm makes me stutter.

Toledo has narrow streets and frequent elevation change. We were looking for the mechanic elevator to get to the top but when we were still looking for it on the map with millions of streets, we somehow have already climbed to the top. We burst into laugh for this unconscious climbing while getting lost.

The Cathedral made me in awe and the music from local musician made the scene even more picturique. Madrid has been sunny the whole week am here and Toledo was almost too hot to walk around(especially with so much ups and downs).

I planned a route on the bus ride with my map – but things don’t always go with the plan, especially with me taking charge of the map. After a few hours, I handed down the map to Steven, who turned out to be a great navigator amongst maze-like narrow streets. We bought angel bread and Mazapán from the nuns at Toledo. It was really cool to see the nun outfit and how they put the food you buy on a rotator and then rotate the food to buyers. Mazapán is very famous dessert of Toledo and it is mostly sugar – good but not good to have too much.

After a lot of walking and sight-seeing,we sat down for coffee while the tree is blowing under the wind – it was very pretty. Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and China – our table became a small world and my classmates are all curious about China and asked me to tell them more about Chinese history. Steven asked me “Do people vote in China? ” and is concerned about the loss of cultural sites in China given such fast development. But look at Madrid, it is modern but still keeps the historical buildings in such good conditions.

on Monday, Cynthia and I went to the local University cafeteria for lunch and had a good conversation with the girls who go to the school. “derechos y negocios” (law and business double major). The girls have been to the US and want to do an exchange program in the US. Later, we explored the campus and attempted to speak with the Chinese professor.

Enforex has a good amount of Chinese students who are in advanced stage. What is very interesting is that almost all the signs have translations in Espanol, Ingles and Japon. I met a Chinese girl in the train station who speaks very local Spanish – I asked how she got her good accent. She has been here for 3 years and now study in University. It seems that time really helps everything. I hope i will manage the r one day!

Saturday night, Enforex friends had a gathering and we went to the 7-floor Kapital – it was pretty cool to see so many floors and different types of music – a bit like Sharkend at Oxford but much bigger.

Sunday, my Germany roommate left, but a 16-year old French girl came. I brought her to la puerta de sur to walk around and getting the map of the city. We also went to Retiro park – it was literally packed every corner with green grass, which is A LOT, compared to Central Park, which I cannot imagine as a real park haha. There is a small lake where people are rowing boats. I went here Friday and sat on a bench to enjoy the bird, breeze and fresh scents for 15 mins without the disturbance from such a busy cosmopolitan. It is quite magic feeling.



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