Madrid,Escorial, Segovia = <3

By: Chenyu

Apr 17 2011

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Focal Length:5.35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

before i forget – will fill in soon.

Monday 04.11
Alexander Magno Exibition

Tuesday 04.12
El Escorial ( the warm grandpa with his little nieto)
Night excursion at Puerta de Sol ( Jamaican/Woo-woo)

Wednesday 04.13
Madrid Hub: social enterprise incubator
-talked with Gabriella
Thyssen Museum: it will always have a special place in my heart.

Thursday 04.14
Today, Yahan and I were going to go to suburb Madrid with my friend Victor – but somehow we could not get in touch, instead Yahan and I walked around and did a little bit of shopping at the famous district – Gran Vía.

Favorita Green Tea Latte: the best I’ve had
Fro-yo at Callao
Gran Vía shopping with Ya-han
Churros with Chocolate

Friday 04.15
El Capricho Cafe的沙拉: Yogurt

Chueca喝咖啡: 阿拉伯风味的咖啡店, 和Cully聊天(去过35个国家,geothermal expert)
Palacio Cibletes: videography genius and projection of people in front of Guernica

暴走马德里中轴线: Chueca—>El Paseo de Prado –> El Paseo de Rocletico –> El paseo de Castillana

Saturday 04.16
Morning: Segovia: encounter Snow White’s castle
白天: 小镇Segovia: 和白雪公主的城堡的一次邂逅/瞭望雪山
Snowwhite’s Castle

Evening: Santiago Bernabeú – the ocean of Real Madrid fans (before Barca vs. Real Madrid)
傍晚:Santiago Bernabeú足球场: 巴赛皇马的正面交锋

Paloma came and knock on my door. I saw her sincere smile – she hugged me several times, kissed on both cheeks(although am still not quite used to this European customer) and told me ” have a good trip. This is always your home in Spain, in Madrid.” that really meant a lot to me. I loved my stay – it was quite independent yet very convenient. The food was not superb but definitely Paloma made an effort to make us happy with the food. I also got to know a kind German boy and two very nice Italian girls (18 years old) and we clicked instantly. I also learned how to help students who are new to a family because a Brazilean girl helped me on my first day to show me around and include me to their excursions.

Night: The Nth over night stay at airport


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