Barcelona here I come.

By: Chenyu

Apr 19 2011

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the people in Barcelona have really touched the bottom of my heart –
they are geniune and always help me until I figure it out.
In UK, when I ask for directions – a lot of times, I encounter busy passing-bys who told me they are in a hurry – I understand.
but here, when I ask for direction, they told me “vale. ve conmigo” and will look for the place with me until they are sure that I know how to get there. I have never met people so thoughtful and thorough.

This morning I took Bus 56 to go to school and the bus screen was broken so I cannot tell the stations to get off on time. I asked the lady next to me, she said she doesnt know but then she went to ask the driver for me.
That moment – I really felt a soft spot in my heart and I know I wont forget these moments.

Barcelona is one of most visited tourist attractions in the world – am always hesitant to ask directions because I imagine how many times that they have been asked by tourists and passing-bys, but every time , people are soo nice and patient. For me, Gaudi has completely captivated me by his geniuness, but Barcelona people have touched me with their truthness and sincerity.

When I first stopped by Casa Batlló, the 18 euro price deterred me from entering as in Madrid the student prices for similar attractions are normally under 10 euro and Thyssen museum, which is also private only has 5.5 euro. Prado and Reina Sofia were free for European country students. I went home and did some research – then I realized how incredible this building is. I went in today after a long line of tourists( Semana Santa is this week).

When I went in the house, I was completely captivated and became speechless – it is like a dreamland, an ocean with curved lines. Gaudi is so unique and talented that his inspiration often comes from nature, where he grew up with.
All the curves, the balance of light and form, the changing colored glasses on top of the doors, the bone-like structure, the blue color to assimilate the ocean and the sky. Everything was beyond words, was convincing me that the 15 euro is totally worth it. I am now very intrigued to visit all the Gaudi sites – after JP due tomorrow.

First day in Barcelona after getting off the flight, I got on the renfe all the way to P.G Gracia and switched to L2, very easy I found Caller de Sicilia and my host family. It is quite a big change from the family in Madrid.
I like to experience different types of houses and families. Barcelona metro compared to Madrid is a bit slower and a bit darker. Madrid is so clean, so is Barcelona. But Barcelona metro is quite dark with long transition passage to go through. I think spending two weeks in Madrid really have made it a special place in my heart and the friends that I met at Enforex and at home stay made it different too.

In the afternoon, I went to Plaza de Cateluya and what impressed me most are the unbelievable amount of pigeons that are not afraid of people at all. All of a sudden, all the pigeons started to fly around the plaza and that scene was my first encounter in my life. Afterwards, I walked along La Rambla and bought some souvenirs. All the owners are Indians – very interesting. I couldnt resist the temptation and went to Sagrada Familia ( the first Gaudi that I have seen). When I get off metro and faced this tall building,all I had was awe and admiration for the greatest architect Gaudi. It is so delicate and with so many details that have taken 44 years to design. It is still not finished and I am not sure when the whole building will terminate.


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