TEDxOxbridge 06/04

By: Chenyu

Jun 05 2011

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After organizing TEDxPedition in summer 2009, TED and TEDx events have been part of my life. Last December, I attended Princeton’s own TEDxPrinceton and was inspired by TerraCycle’s founder, the FEED project and Prof. Vander Wink. I love to find inspirations in life and that’s why I try to get as much exposure as I can to the world and going to an event like TEDx allows me to be exposed to new ideas and interesting things that people are engaged in. It shows me what I can otherwise spend my life. I found myself refreshed after listening to TED and TEDx talks. For that, I have to thank Leon for introducing me to TED with so much passion.

This Saturday, I went to TEDxOxbridge(http://tedxoxbridge.com/) at Said Business School. One great thing that I have really appreciated at Oxford is that my college Worcester is 10 mins away from the Business School. Because of the proximity, I have gone to many lectures(from HBS professor in environmental management, to Nobel Prize Winner, to the executives from Chinese SOEs) I have learned about what we need to steer organizational change towards sustainability and how investment in stock market in China should follow the political leadership at power. I also got to interact with MBAs and learned about their super interesting stories and what they think about business school.

Yesterday, the TEDx speakers range from the owner of Cobra beer(which is a special Indian beer breed), to the technology entrepreneur Mike Lynch(who showed a mind-blowing technology with smart phones, that can make physical world virtual), to psychology professor who argued that to bring opposing parties together, we should wear red, sitting on comfy chairs and use hand sanitizer. The highlight of the day was the TED talk by Brene Brown, who is so engaging and talked about something a lot of try to avoid( vulnerability) : http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html

We had a garden reception and dinner at Sichuan restaurant, followed by a party with uprising DJ Paz from LA at the historic Town Hall of Oxford.


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