back to Asia – a workaholic summer

By: Chenyu

Sep 19 2011

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Wow – it has been 3 months since my last post. Time flies! There is so much to update and before school gets too busy, it’s time for an update.

This summer in HK was literally work-home-work Monday to Friday and all I want to do when I arrive my apartment at 1am is to sleep, but of course leaving Bloomberg on and trying to get a glimpse of the most updated breaking news on Bloomberg TV. then getting up at 6am to get dressed and take the bus to across the harbor. this life style may look indeed crazy and unsustainable – but i have to admit that, as a nerd, I really loved my summer internship and i learned SOOO MUCH this one summer than maybe in a year’s. I felt i was learning new things everyday and I loved my colleagues, mentors and co-interns. i was scared at “weekly-grills” and presentations, but without these challenges, i would not improve so much.

By the end of the internship, I felt that i had a family with my mentor group and some co-interns. HK for me was “work hard. play hard.” we work hard mon-friday and then go out or go on outings together on weekends. Our group went to Lantau island to see the Budda, and went to Zhuhai for golfing(thanks Tom) etc. I remember all the delicious meals(thai basil, japanese hot-pot, dim-sum, korean food to celebrate end of internship, lei garden with mentors, wang jia sha) we had among interns and with our colleagues, all the night outs in LKF and KTV bars.

the reason that i stayed very long every day was that there was so much to learn and are available to absorb. I loved studying abroad in England, travelling in Spain, Switzerland etc. But last half year allowed me to have time to relax/reflect and catch up on sleep. i felt i was ready and it was time to be more serious and learn as much as I can. looking back for the last two months, i don’t regret the staying behind and the early morning equity calls, late night powerpoint editing etc.

I am glad that I could be part of this program. I heard the different career paths of colleagues, most of them are quite fascinating. I could not disclose anything in my blog, but these stories have showed me many possible paths. 🙂

I will miss you HK! maybe not the working hours as much.


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