bye Oxford!

June 25th, 14:15 LUFTHANSA 907 London Heathrow – Hong Kong
It’s time to say bye to Oxford and England after 5 months in Europe. I absolutely loved my experience abroad and if I could do again, I would not hesitate to study abroad.

By the end of June, I visited 30 out of the 38 colleges for formal meal, lunch or some events. I loved Pimm o’clock and garden parties,cocktails, Park End, English Tea time( Randolph, Grand Cafe on High Street, Old Bank Hotel etc although scones are not the most healthy. This is true for most of the food I experienced in England. ) each college has different setting and different “stereotype”. I loved wearing gowns and hearing Latin scholar to read the passage before having 3-course sit down meal. It was the first time that I could afford to spend 1.5+ hours to spend at dinner and have some meaningful conversations with my UK peers ( although sometimes debate with Ahsan too) all the kitchen time, office hours, girls night out.

Oxford Union, its debate, speaker series, Prez drink were also a defining part of my experience. I met Sir Michael Parkinson of BBC and had dinner with him in a small group. Oxford Union and Oxford Entrepreneurs allowed me to attend talks by The Apprentice’s producer and being inspired by his “purple giraff” talk, Dragon’s Den’s boogie sauce entrepreneur etc.

Approximity to Said Business School also allowed me to audit Business in China class and have guest lectures such as the AP CEO of PepsiCo to tell us how to build a successful Lay’s brand in Asia, the exect from China Netcom to inform us of the telecom landscape and SOEs in China etc. Interacting with MBAs and learning about their past experience was quite cool. I ended up “sneaking” into their formal dinner at St. Cross College in the end. 🙂

The one-on-one tutorial with world-leading professors was also a dream-like experience. I took Impressionism and got to study Gaugain, Cezanne, Degas among other my fav impressionists painters. I loved my Russian classmate who goes to the Royal Art Academy in Russia (only 2 ppl in the tutorial :)). We ended up travelling to Bath together and she showed me all the architecture in Oxford(Gothic or Victorian and how to tell the difference).

I also took my first ethics/philosophy class at Oxford. My Australian professor was so encouraging and I def remember though Cafe Rouge suger indulgence time when I was trying to squeeze out my papers. I found those chocolate cake not that helpful for helping me to be productive, but nonetheless it’s a mental thing.

Last but not least, I learned rowing, although W4 at Worcester College. I am so happy that i have done that and I dont think I would have had another opportunity in my life to learn rowing – not to mention row on the Thames.
The photo of this post is the Rowing on during Oxford Summer Eights.

Pembroke and New College Ball, cruise on Thames in London, summer garden parties with pimms and chocolate, going to 30 colleges for meal exchange or reception, climbing St. Mary’s Church to view panoramic view of Oxford,afternoon tea at Old Bank, Randolph, Grand, Brown etc, Said Business School events, Park End; G&D icecream, Cafe Rouge, Big Bang Sausage, Combibos breakfast, my bike, Union debates etc.

Bath, Cambridge punting, Trinity College, St. John’s College and the stories of the fancy Balls, The Eagle Pub, Leeds Castle, London ( including rushing to London Eye on my last trip to London and experienced 4D).

I will miss you so much Oxford and I thank you for leaving such a memorable mark on me. I want to come back one day for a master degree! I will try to make it happen!


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