Switzerland – a land of dreams

By: Chenyu

Nov 14 2011

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During the week of May 9th, I had a fabulous trip to the german speaking region in Switzerland(St. Gallen and Zurich). Switzerland is another country that I have dreamed to go to, and being there has confirmed that it is such a treat.

Besides the beautiful views, the excellent cheese and chocolate, the high quality watch and knife, Switzerland is known for its high living standard and welfare. The price was quite expensive – the round trip from St. Gallen to Lucerne was about 90 swiss franc. A decent meal is about 20 FR.

After 2 hour and half ride to Gatwick, I had my first Easy Jet experience – packed everything to one bag to avoid the charge for checking in bags. But after getting off the flight, i immediately repacked and took out another bag to redistribute. My driver was Benjamin – due to confusion, we didn’t meet up till about 30 min after my arrival. During the ride, I had a great discussion with Benjamin. who is a second year @ St. Gallen University – one of the beset universities in German-speaking region.

I learned the following:
– to find a good job in CH, you need to have “guan xi” /connections
– everyone who wants to attend St. Gallen can come by Swiss Law – but normally 50% are eliminated after first year.
– CH has referendum quite often and recently banned building mosques in the country

I arrived at Mingjie’s apartment – funny story. I thought he is a “girl” and he thought I am a “boy” but our names sound both gender-neutral

Moving on to St. Gallen Symposium – it was incredibly professional (the conference organizers made about 6 brochures, the main auditorium has 6 TV screens. It had refreshment available throughout the day at any moment with any amount. Even the carpet was carefully selected – I have not had the privilege to attend a student-run conference like St. Gallen Symposium.

I also got to visit Lake Constanz and loved the colorful houses and interesting placements. It started to drizzle in the afternoon and walking under the rain was very refreshing. I passed through a pond and there were beautiful goose in the lake, swimming towards me. I thought they are very friendly, so I squat down to take a video of the goose, however all of the sudden, the goose mom started to generate some scary voice and almost attacked me. I almost dropped my camera, but in the end, I discovered that she is carrying a little goose under her feather. what a respectable mom!

(This post was supposed to come out last May, but I forgot to publish:)

I love St. Gallen! Hope to visit Switzerland again. 


One comment on “Switzerland – a land of dreams”

  1. would love to go back to Switzerland & St. Gallen again. (lunch with Vana in Boston)

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