JUCCCE allows me to find my passion!

ELLE China (瑞丽)April feature on JUCCCE and Peggy ‘s unique strength in quickly convening and activating high-level influencers across all sectors and across borders to accelerate the greening of China. (www.juccce.org/chinadream)

Peggy is my role model and is so inspiring to work for! 🙂 Thank you Peggy and JUCCCE to give me the opportunity to discover my passion. 

Ever since an internship with JUCCCE in 2010, I found a passion that has turned into my life mission – to accelerate the greening of China. To me, facilitating China to go green faster is the single biggest thing I could contribute to, that can make the world a healthier place to live . After my internship, I felt the calling to stay on as part-time and to introduce JUCCCE to influencers wherever I go— be it reaching out to professors to discuss collaboration on joint US-China Intellectual Property program, bringing on-board high-calibre volunteers, or coordinating Chairperson’s talk at the Oxford Union. I never feel tired working irregular hours on JUCCCE , but rather I feel energized and motivated because I have found what really matters in my life.


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