SF trip on Entrepreneruship April 12 – 15th

After submitting thesis on April 11th, I took a shower and packed the backpack and hopped on a train to Newark Airport. It feels so great to be done with thesis and when i was holding the bounded thesis and flipping through the 98 pages (with bibliography and everything), i felt as if i just wrote a book! I can’t believe I made it. I remember when I was a pre-frosh 4 years ago, i was really scared during Preview workshop about the Quintessential Princeton experience ( Senior Thesis). With the kind help of solar friends and data consultants and librarian, as well s support from friends & family, I am finally done with thesis! 🙂 I learned so much about the solar industry during the process and i really liked my thesis topic on residential solar PV 3rd party financing! I am thankful for this experience, although I can’t count how many red bulls were consumed in the last couple of weeks of the thesis.



I was worried of not making to the airport on time due to the short time between my thesis submission, packing and hopping on the train, however, a text from Orbitz brought the great news that the flight has been delayed for 2 hours. I felt a big relief and thus had more time to get ready and have some food ( after writing all day) .

When i got to Dinky, the train has just left and I had to cab to Princeton junction, however the next train will make me late for the airport check-in. To cab, or not to cab! I ended up cabbing although my heart is bleeding for the expensive cab fee. But if i miss the plane, the cost of repurchase ticket is even higher. I spoke with the taxi driver – very interesting story. He is a part time cab driver from Jamaica and during the day works as a marshall. He dropped me at the gate (saved time for taking air train!)

However, when i got to the United desk, the plane has just left. BIG LESSON: when the flight is delayed, it is still best to arrive to the airport as the previously check-in time, as the flight will leave as soon as the bug is fixed. I paid for another lesson.

It was lucky that the receptionists put me on the next flight at 6am without extra charge. That started my Ns airport overnight. I finally unblocked my Facebook, after deactivating it during the final stretch for thesis. A lot to catch up haha.


Finally 10am April 12th, I got to San Francisco Intl Airport – it feels so good to be back in Bay Area. I took the BART and then Caltrain to Palo Alto – so sunny, warm !


(photo credit: Amira Polack)

Day 1:

I went straight to GSB and attended a water workshop regarding China, and Mike brought me to sit in his investment class. It was interesting to see the parallel of what i learned in ECO 462 Asset Mgmt last fall and this class. The Prof. asked if anyone knows about dimensional fund advisors, my eyes widened – wow! i learned that in a class at Princeton. (Fama & French’s students run the fund I believe) It was so cool to see that Princeton’s education offers classes to undergraduates at a somewhat similar level of business schools! 🙂

Knight Mgmt School has a great setting and a lot of outdoor space for study, hanging out etc. I finally met my unofficial senior thesis advisor Richard after many email exchanges, calls, skypes etc! Thank you Richard! You have been so helpful! Henry, Richard and I went to listen to Khosla about clean tech investing , and later made to the opening banquet of EBootcamp with key note speaker from Sequoia Capital. Very inspiring and as usual, i diligently took notes.

At night, it started to pour!

Day 2:

Stanford had a morning rain but the bonus was a beautiful rainbow.


Khosla spoke again at EBootcamp! I loved his candor and genuine advice for young entrepreneurial students. It is so exciting to be around with peers who are actively building things, solving problems, dreaming big and trying hard!

At 10am, I hopped on Caltrain to San Fran and interviewed a company for my high tech entrepreneurship paper. It is also the same day that San Fran Giants had a game and I was on a train with orange-dressed die-hard fans! quite an experience.

check out this great article by Don @ Klout: http://venturebeat.com/2012/04/06/100-days-at-a-startup/


and I finally saw Kat after 4 years. Great memories from the summer in Boston junior year summer.


Below are some notes I took on EBootcamp!

Ebootcamp:it was very inspiring to see 100 startups around the world all coming to Stanford for the weekend ( including MBA students from HBS, GSB, Duke, Chicago etc & countries like Scotland, India, China etc). Its very exciting to see the new ideas and see like-minded young people to build things around the world. Below I included a few quotes that left a strong impression on me: 

Art Riedel: Be as serious in choosing your investors as your investors choose you

Doug Leone of Sequoia Capital: ” We tend to underfund our companies, and like people who can do a lot with a litte.   Make every single tip as “sharp” as possible”

Khosla :” RISK TAKING is important, and risk-taking by irreverent & unreasonable people is what changes the world.”

             “if you believe in what you are doing “religiously” , than sales become part of you. ” 


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