Sahil Lavingia is amazing! 19 year old entrepreneur!


Sahil Lavingia has a gift for building what people want. A look at his resume reveals he was a designer for Pinterest, built the iPhone app for, and now he’s the founder of Gumroad, a startup with the modest ambition of enabling people to sell anything (a song, a snippet of code, an icon design) to anyone.

Oh, and though it feels cliche to mention, he’s only 19 years old.

Upon talking with Lavingia, however, that number quickly recedes into nothingness. He is smart. He’s well connected. And he’s gathered a lifetime’s worth of experience, which he sat down to share with us. All you wannabe Zuckerberg’s out there should take note as Lavingia gives us his take on:

  • Designing great mobile products
  • Advice for young entrepreneurs
  • The benefits of worldly exposure
  • What’s next for Gumroad

Lavingia on building great products:

Lavingia’s advice for young entrepreneurs:

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